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Hundreds of ultra-poor, Orphan, Street and Distressed babies will get specialized medical treatments without any fee. It will also be Mother Care center   for distressed and Orphan Babies.


Project Summary:

Project                   : Free Specialized Child Hospital b & Mother Care Center.

Place                       : Borkuma, Trishal,Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

Beneficiaries         : Ultra poor, Orphan, Distressed and Victim Children.

Deliverable            :   Full Free: Specialized medical treatment, Shelter, Education, Food, Clothing.

Estimated Budget : 1.5 m AUD

M. Arfan, a father who lost two daughters in very early age, founded SMILING BABY FOUNDATION. Lack of proper treatment, negligence of doctors in public hospital and financial inabilities might have been the cause of two daughters’ unfortunate death.

In remembrance of that unfortunate death of two daughters’ always stirred the founders mind to do something for the ultra -poor, Orphan and distressed babies in Bangladesh.

This hospital will not only help hundreds of ultra-poor, Orphan and distressed babies’ life but also it will be mother care center for distressed babies around Bangladesh. They will get shelter, modern education, food clothing.